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Best Business to do Online in Kenya in 2019

Best Business to do Online in Kenya in 2019

What kind of business you can do online in Kenya in 2019 and become a millionaire? Well, we have array of businesses we wish to enlighten you on to jump-start your dream. In the year 2019, several of us bear millions of ideas but executing them is the big issue.However,if you find the courage ,resources and strength to take a step, your efforts won’t go to a waste.

I have done online business for nearly two decades and discovered what works and what is not worth my efforts. I have realized that succeeding online requires not only passion, but determination, strategic thinking, resources and unique services.

Which online business on demand can you start in Kenya and succeed in 201? Here are the answers:


What I am doing here is called blogging and currently this work feeds over 10,000 Kenyans. I have been blogging for the past 7 year and have seen it all. Though this profession is risky, it pays. Kenyan bloggers make as little as Ksh5,000 per month and as high as Ksh 2 million. I know a couple of them who earn Ksh 1 million per month and you won’t suspect.