Papshops Limited owns an e-commerce website engaged in hosting various commodity stores and real estate spaces, marketing and acting as an intermediary in the trade of different goods, services and/or short term Leasing of real estate spaces through a custom designed website on the internet (online market place)and particularly through Papshops.com; and

“You” the vendor and/or the Purchaser desire to use the Company as an intermediary to  either market, promote and facilitate in selling/buying products and/or selling short  lease space via our custom designed website through which persons with access to the website will be able to complete the transactions.

By using our services, the parties agree to be legally bound by the follo
wing Terms and Conditions:


1 Parties

1.1   The “Vendor” shall mean all the businesses that have leased an online store or listed a space for lease hosted by us through our website;
1.2   The “purchaser” shall mean the buyers of any goods, services or spaces listed on any of our hosted stores/spaces.
1.3   The “User” shall refer collectively to either the Vendor and/or the Purchaser
1.4   The terms herein are what you (referred hereafter as you, the Vendor, the Purchaser, the user), will be bound to with us.
1.5   Papshops.com is a website owned and operated by Papshops Limited, a limited liability Company incorporated under the laws of the         republic of Kenya(“referred to as we, us, the Company”)

2 Using our website

2.1   These terms and conditions are binding upon anyone who continues to use the site or any of our offered services. Please note that         continued use of our site and service constitutes agreement on all points. If you do not agree to any of the Terms, you are advised to         immediately cease use